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The Barbara Ross Award


The Barbara Ross Award is given each year by The 3/4 Morgan Group, Ltd. to the Female Group Member deemed to have best embodied the care, spirit, enthusiasm, and organization of Barbara Ross.  Endowed posthumously by Barbara’s husband Stu Ross, it is voted by the Award’s previous recipients and presented each year at the Autumn MOG Banquet.


Both Barbara and Stu Ross were active and enthusiastic Members of the Group.  Barbara was not only an energetic supporter of the Group and the Morgan marque, but was also cherished for her warmth and care for the individual members of the group, their happiness, and well-being.  She is well remembered as the willing ear, the supporting shoulder, and the open arms to any Group Member.  It is by this Spirit and example that Barbara Ross fostered strength in the social and emotional ties that form the bonds between Group Members.   It is this very Spirit that is at the essence of the Award.

 Pat Hennessy
Andrea Lucas

Ruth Bonomo
 Meredith Wnek

Marsha Carter
 Jane D. Mattson
Lorna Flynn
 Mary Hunter
Gayle Perry
Shayna Loeffler


The Barbara Ross Award Original Charter is here.  More about Barbara: A tribute to Barbara Ross by Paul Schoenkopf. A tribute to Stu and Barb Ross by Scott Willoughby.  The photo Gallery can be found here.