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Dedicated to the use and enjoyment of Morgan sports cars.

The Official Website of
The 3/4 Morgan Group, Ltd.

1909 - 2023  114 years of the Morgan Motor Car

And still going strong!


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Autumn MOG 2023 is in the books!

And what a great time we all had!

We are now looking towards Autumn MOG 2024 taking place in beautiful Cape Cod!

More detail on the agenda will be out in early 2024.


All New,
November/December 2023 "MORGANEER"


Check it out by clicking on the link below!

Nov/Dec 2023 Morganeer



Judy & Warren Mann Music Video

Warren Mann Video Intro

Members Judy and Warren Mann visited the Morgan Factory while in England in 2016. Warren has created a music video using photos from the factory tour. Check out the video here.

Warren also wrote an article on their trip, available under documents/member articles or click here.

Photos From Club Members!

Photographs are one of the best ways to bring us together, and to liven up our web site! We have a good archive of pictures from past events, available from the Photo Galleries link on the menu on the left. But we don't seem to be doing so well getting current pictures posted.  I'm always happy to post pictures if you send them to me, In addition, all club members have the ability to post pictures directly into member albums.
Here's how to do it:
1. Login to website (Only members can post pictures).
2. Click the down arrow next to your name (at the top of the Home page), select Profile.
3. Click Photo Albums under Website.
4. On the Photo Album Manager page, click Add Photo Album.
5. Fill out Album name, select availability, add description if desired. Click Save.
6. Click the pencil icon.
7. Click Add Multiple Photos (other options are explained, but this is the most useful).
8. Click Select Files to browse for photos on your PC.
9. Add titles, photographer, data taken if desired. Click Save.

And your album should be there. Give it a try, see what you think.
Our club is pretty spread out geographically, and pictures are a great way to keep us close and in touch. And they don't have to be from formal events, anything that relates to Morgans or club life or interests can be posted. Contact me if you have any issues or questions.
Click the link below to get a copy of the instructions in a separate window:
Morgan H. Malone posted a few shots of his restoration '61 DHC!

2015 AutumnMog

Fred  Schuchard sent in some great pictures from AutumnMog. They are in several albums on the Photo Galleries page. Check them out!

2015 Clambake

On June 14, Jeri and Bob Cohn hosted a Maine Clambake in New Jersey! 2015 Clambake Photos Here!.

 Dust-off at Saratoga Auto Museum

Click the image above to see the slide show.